Have you ever had to make a list of computer files and send that to someone? Not the actual files – just a list of what files exist.

There are many reasons why you might need this. It can be legal teams listing documents for a case. It can be simply a list of shipping notes for goods a small business has received.

The task is surprisingly hard to do these days.

You can waste a lot of someone’s (or your) valuable time having them type up such a list. If you do a number of these, why not save time and save money. Get FSTool to do the list.

FSTool will present it as a text list or a spreadsheet. You choose.

Do you also need to record when each file was created (when each shipping note was received) or when the document was last modified? Typing that in can lead to inaccuracies or errors. Why retype the information? Retyping can lead to mistakes. Why not have FSTool do it for you? No mistakes. No errors. Easy.


Have you ever wanted to use that list of files after doing a search?

Are you fed up with having to flick between windows to find the next file to copy somewhere, or rename, or …?

Have you ever wished you could find files modified in the last 5 minutes instead of a whole day?

If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these then this program is what you are looking for.

Create a list of files that you can use in a batch file. Or feed into a document processor. Select just the filenames, or the full paths. Identify files by attribute, by creation datetime, or by how recently it was modified.

FSTool will search a directory; or a whole tree. It shows you what it found. AND it lets you export the results straight into Notepad OR into Excel. Now that’s useful!

Tested on Windows XP with Excel 2003. Free to try on YOUR computer.

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