Why should you choose us? We think the following covers it pretty well.


We have been in software development for 30 years. You name it we’ve seen it, and probably done it too.


We have been involved in leading edge projects for much of our time.


If one of our products doesn’t do what you expected, we’ll give your money back.

You don’t find many software companies offering that.

Useful Support

Computers were supposed to automate things for us, speed things up, and simplify them. Instead we seem to be spending time trying to do things their way.

Is there anything you find tedious or annoying or wish it worked differently? We like to fix those sorts of things. Contact us: if we can do anything about it – we would love to help.

Our Clients

Our staff have done programs for the Road Traffic Authority of New South Wales, the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, the Department of Transport in South Australia and PowerNet in Victoria.

Our staff have also developed specialized software to support CentreLink Australia.

Our Memberships

Software Industry Professionals Member
GssEziSoft is a
Software Industry Professionals Member.

OISV - Organization of Independent Software Vendors - Contributing Member

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