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The introduction of Free In Twelve should be good for most people. One case where it isn’t good is where you’ve paid for a program just before it becomes free. Here’s how I plan to fix that .

All paid programs released after 1 June 2017 will have a new registration mechanism. It will allow one registration code to be used for different versions of the same program. This means buying a program also pays for later versions of it. You can stay up-to-date.

The normal registration codes that come when you pay for a program, include 12 months worth of updates. If you want, you can extend that at any time by simply buying and using another registration code for the program. If you prefer, you can also contact us and we can send you a registration code that will work for a longer period.

The aim of all this is to make your investment in software count. If you’ve contributed so that we can develop better software, I want to provide you with improved support through immediate access to the latest releases.

How Easy Is All This To Use?

It is pretty easy. When a program gets installed, you can choose Start / Programs / (program name) to run the program. One of the other choices in the list is to Activate the program. That requires a registration code and you just type it in and click [Ok]. After that you can use the program for the next 100 years.

If you install a later version you just go through the same process again. If your registration code is still valid, you can use the same registration code with the new version.

A registration code is for a single user within an enterprise, a standalone network or a single computer. If the user moves around the organisation, their activation follows them. This does mean you need a registration code for each user. That’s pretty easy too. You enter the number of users in the quantity box when you buy the program and registration codes. The system will send you as many registration codes as you ask for.

The whole process looks like this:

1. Purchase (for 10 users).

2. After purchasing (only 1 user in this picture).

3. Start / Programs / ScanSet (Win8.1 with “Classic Start Menu”)

4. Click Activate, get:

5. Run ScanSet -ver at a command prompt:

As you can see, the program is properly activated and shows as “Licensed”.

If you enter an expired registration code you will see “activation failed: key has expired”.

I think the ability to activate later releases of a program gives you additional benefits as a thank you for paying for the program. I hope it provides you with improved support and that you find it useful.

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