GssEziSoft Updates SaveMail

Two new releases of SaveMail happened today. These were SaveMail Pro 1.00.0036 and SaveMail Free 1.00.0036. Both versions contain updates to their Help files, and in the actual programs, to link directly to the new GssEziSoft website. Both retain all of the great features of earlier releases.

These programs allow you to save your Outlook email where you want, how you want and when you want. If you have ever lost your email due to a corruption in an Outlook file you’ll know why SaveMail is needed. If you ever wanted to file all of the information about a specific project together, you’ll know why SaveMail is needed. Outlook’s proprietary PST file format stores all of your email “eggs” in one “basket”. Archival and backups are vital. Business can’t afford to lose emailed contracts or customer details. SaveMail is about saving your email. These two new versions mean that not only can you preserve vital documents, you can get help when you need it.

Read more about SaveMail.

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