SaveMail – Run-time error ‘380’

This was first noticed with SaveMail version 1.00.0040 but it is probably an issue for earlier versions too. Here’s what to do about it.

You get a message like:

This happens if there are no items in the “Contents” list when you press “Save”.

I’d chosen a “Mail Folder” and selected a “Save to” directory but hadn’t pressed “Search” before pressing “Save”.

I’ve added code to check that there are items in the list when you press “Save” so future versions will be more helpful about the problem.

(If you are a programmer that found this article because you were looking for Run-time error 380, the problem was setting a progress bar maximum to 0. This may be your problem too but there are other things that could cause it. I suggest running your program in the Integrated Development Environment and seeing which line trips the error.)

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