A program is trying to access Outlook. Allow access for … minutes.

This is not what I expected – an ad for someone else’s product. I’ll also state that I wasn’t asked to do this and I’m not getting anything for mentioning it.

The product is called “Express ClickYes”. It is free. It is tiny (31.5Kb). It means you never again have to press the “Allow” button to save your email.

When it is running, it looks like this:

What it does is press the “Allow” button for you, whenever the button appears. If saving your email takes too long (lots of email) it will press the button for you for as many times as needed to save your email.

It’s a really clever idea. Probably very simple, but very nicely done and ever so useful.

You can just run it and turn it on; but a better solution would be to turn it on when you run SaveMail and turn it off afterwards.

For the technically minded, the following VBScript works (save this as SaveMail.vbs and then double click it to run):

clickyes=”C:\Program Files\Express ClickYes\ClickYes.exe”
savemail=”C:\Program Files\GssEziSoft\SaveMail Pro\SaveMail_Pro.exe”

Set SH = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
SH.Run “””” & clickyes & “”” -activate”
SH.Run “””” & savemail & “”””,,true ‘ and wait
SH.Run “””” & clickyes & “”” -stop”
Set SH = nothing

You can get a copy of “Express ClickYes” from ContextMagic.com.

You can also read more about SaveMail.

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