Free software takes time to develop and to support. I do what I can, as I can.

Informal Support

If you’re an individual or a sole trader and you’ve found a bug or can’t get something to work then please contact me. I mightn’t be able to do much about it right away but I will try. If nothing else, there’s a chance of a solution or workaround making it onto one of the FAQ lists.

Formal Support

Some companies are more comfortable with software that has formal support. If that’s your company, simply purchase the latest version of any product you want formal support for. That will give you immediate access to all updates to the product for the next 12 months.

If you have a problem that you’d like me to assist with, I do contract work from time to time. This is useful for those times when it is faster, easier and simpler to “just get the guy in to make it all work”. My rate for GssEziSoft related work is $AU 125/hour plus expenses.

The quoted contracting rate doesn’t apply to work I’m already doing through any third party at a higher rate nor to projects that I’ve worked on through a third party in the last 6 months.

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