Free software takes time to develop and to support. I do what I can, as I can.

Informal Support

If you’re an individual or a sole trader and you’ve found a bug or can’t get something to work then please contact me. I mightn’t be able to do much about it right away but I will try. If nothing else, there’s a chance of a solution or workaround making it onto one of the FAQ lists.

Formal Support

Some companies are more comfortable with software that has formal support. If that’s your company, click one of the options below for a support arrangement.

Bronze $100 (USD) pa
Silver $200 (USD) pa
Gold $500 (USD) pa
  • I’ll respond to all formal support questions within 48 hours.
  • People who have paid for formal support will be prioritized above informal support requests.
  • Organisations with formal support can also request customisations.

The different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) are intended to match the level of support required. Small companies using only a few programs won’t require much support so Bronze is likely to be appropriate. Larger companies, or small companies needing support for a lot of software, should consider higher levels of support.

Easy to use software