ScanSet FAQs

How Do I Use It?

See the help page.

What Is The Trial Period?

The trial period is 30 days.

The trial lets you see if the program does what you need it to do. I don’t like buying something if I don’t know whether it’s right for me so I don’t think you should have to either. The idea behind the trial is for you to get full access to everything the program does. You can build it into existing processes and see whether it’s suitable or not. If it is, you have something useful and worth paying a few dollars for. If not, uninstall it and do more looking. You can also contact me with, "it would have been great but I needed (something)." No promises but it might get added.

Will It Work For Me?

Probably. As with all software, you need to determine its suitability for your purpose. I can’t guarantee it will do exactly what you want and/or that it will work for everyone. The easiest way to answer this is to download the program for free and try it.

Does It Run On Windows 8 Or 10?

Probably. I’m running it on Windows 8.1 at present.

It has been written to run on as many versions of Windows as possible. It should work on Windows XP, Vista and 7 too. It might work on Windows 2000 but that’s less likely.

My Trial Has Expired. What Do I Do?

The free trial is so that you can see if the program is what you want. If it is, that’s great. You should buy a licensed copy. There is a link on the ScanSet product page.

I Have A License Code. How Do I Use It?

You’ll receive a license code in the email you receive after purchasing the program. You only need to enter it once. The process looks like this:

C:\> ScanSet -activate (LicenseCode)

Businesses. How Many Licenses Do I Need?

You’ll need to purchase a license for each user.

One user can use multiple computers. As long as your network uses roaming profiles, the license will follow the user around. If you are a very small business with a limited budget, you may want to consider only having one of your staff using the program. If you’re a large business, we’re willing to negotiate a discounted rate for volume licenses.

Developers. Can I Include It With My Own Products?

Yes. There are no royalties involved.

Each installation will need to be activated (see above). If you have bought a license code, you are authorized to use that code for your customer installs. My intent is for developers who purchase a license to be able to use it as they need. Each install will be traceable to the developer’s license code.

Developers. Can I Sell It?

As part of a saleable product, sure.

By itself, it is probably easier to just send them here or for you to buy extra copies for them and, potentially, mark up the cost for your time in arranging it all.

Can I Get More Help?

Of course. Contact us.

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