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Can I restart the trial?

That would be cheating wouldn’t it? But, you can. Simply download a later version (major, minor or build).

However, you may want to check out the FREE version. Have you tried “(menu:) Register, Free” yet? You may be pleasantly surprised.


Are updates available?

One of the benefits of EziSubmit is that you don’t have to wait for us to do updates. Despite that, some people will probably want us to do these for them.

We will be making updates available for a nominal fee (we’re thinking $5 USD to bring your site list and all of the scripts up to date). We would do updates monthly but you would only pay for one when you felt like it. You wouldn’t need any prior updates “as well”.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Okay, we’re feeling generous. The first update gives you 500 sites instead of 400 and is FREE. You can get it here: EziSubmit-Data-2009.07.20


Can I use my license with later versions?

A license is for a specific version (major.minor) of the software. You can use it with later builds (bug fixes) of that version but not with whole new releases.

We are considering offering a discount for upgrading though.

Is there a corporate licensing discount?

Sure. Contact us if you would like to buy five or more licenses in one purchase.


Ver 1.00.0070 – Error reading CSV file

Symptoms. You see the above error message after you first install the program and the file it complains about is “products.csv”. If you click OK you get a blank products list and an Add button. Clicking the button reads your PAD file but then the program closes without adding anything to the products list.

Cause. EziSubmit requires at least 1 product in the product list, even to add one. (This is clearly wrong behaviour.)

Work Around. This is messy but it can be resolved as follows:

  • Use Windows Explorer to go to C:\ Documents and Settings\(user name)\ Local Settings\ Application Data\ GssEziSoft\EziSubmit Pro\
  • Open the products.csv file in Notepad.
  • Add your first product details after the heading line.
  • Save and Exit Notepad.

Fix. Download the latest version of EziSubmit.

Special thanks to Howard Farmer for raising this issue.

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