FixPic FAQs

How Do I Use It?

It is mainly for programmers writing document scanning systems. It runs in a batch file or from within other programs such as VBScript, MSAccess, VBA and such. If you install it and run the program without any parameters then a usage message will come up like this:

FixPic [-r angle] [-fh] [-fv] filename.jpg

Rotate, Flip Horizontal or Vertical. Angle is in degrees.

I’m Not A Programmer. Can I Use It?

Sure. Install it. Find the program, typically in "C:Files (x86)", and create a shortcut on the desktop to the program. Then modify the shortcut to include whatever parameters you need (eg -r 90 c:.jpg) and save it. Then, every time you click the shortcut it will rotate scanned.jpg by 90 degrees.

My Trial Has Expired. What Do I Do?

The free trial is so that you can see if the program is what you want. If it is, that’s great. You should buy a licensed copy. There is a link on the FixPic product page.

I Have A Registration Code. How Do I Use It?

The Registration Code is called a license code in the email you receive after purchasing the program. You only need to enter it once. The process looks like this:

C:\> FixPic -activate (RegistrationCode)

Can I Get More Help?

Of course. Contact Us.

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