CutPic FAQs

How Do I Use It?

At present, it is probably easier for programmers to use than it is for normal people. If you’re game, here’s how:

  • Use Windows Explorer to find the image you want to cut.
  • The Windows Explorer address bar will say something like "(your name) Pictures")
  • Click in the address bar and type cmd then press Enter
  • You’ll see something like:

    C:\Users\(your name)\Pictures>
  • Enter a command like:

    "C:\Program Files(x86)\GssEziSoft\CutPic\Cutpic" -h 125 myfile.jpg top.jpg rest.jpg

    (change the option -h to -w if you want to cut the width rather than the height, use a different size if you want more or less than 125 pixels, and use your filename instead of myfile.jpg. You can use any filenames instead of top.jpg and rest.jpg)

  • Type Exit to get out of the cmd window (or click the X button).

What Are The Options?

CutPic {-w|-h} size filename.jpg [out1.jpg [out2.jpg]]

It cuts from the top left by size pixels. If you don’t specify out1.jpg or out2.jpg then the original file will be cut. If you specify the other filenames, out1.jpg will have the cut bit and out2.jpg will have the rest.

What If I Just Want To Cut 1/3?

Instead of CutPic -h 125 myfile.jpg, use CutPic -h 33.3% …. That way it will will always cut it into 1/3 and 2/3 regardless of how many pixels wide your image is.

Are There Any Other Good Tricks Like That?

Yes. You can also specify a size in "in" (inches), "cm" (centimeters) or "mm" (millimeters). Add that to the end of size (eg 2in, 5.7cm or 4cm) and it will use the existing image file’s Dots Per Inch setting to work out the number of pixels involved.

My Trial Has Expired. What Do I Do?

The free trial is so that you can see if the program is what you want. If it is, that’s great. You should buy a licensed copy. There is a link on the CutPic product page.

I Have A Registration Code. How Do I Use It?

The Registration Code is called a license code in the email you receive after purchasing the program. You only need to enter it once. The process looks like this:

C:\> CutPic -activate (RegistrationCode)

Can I Get More Help?

Of course. Contact Us.

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