ScanSet Download

You can download the latest version of ScanSet directly from this page.

Sometimes a new version breaks something and you need to roll back. Sometimes you just liked the old version more. Whatever the reason, if you want to use an older version you can also download it from here.


24 Jun 17. This comes with FreeIn12 and Improved Support.

Free In 12 means the program automatically becomes Freeware, 12 months after it was built.

Improved Support means registering the program gives you access to all updates for the next 12 months.


05 Jan 17. This works on many more computers than Ver 1.11.

When I wrote ScanSet 1.11 I based it on the latest TWAIN specification. That provided the mechanism for much of the functionality. Unfortunately, the version of TWAIN that ships with Windows hasn’t changed since Windows 95. The TWAIN.DLL present on every copy of Windows since then, doesn’t have the functions needed for programmatic control of the active scanner device.

My solution was to add much of the needed functionality, right into ScanSet itself. It still has the ability to use the TWAIN2 DSM, if it is present, but it can also operate without it. The ScanSet -2 option is what causes it to use TWAIN2 functionality. The behaviour is exactly as per ScanSet Ver 1.11. Without the option (the default) it should work out-of-the-box with virtually any version of Windows.


18 Dec 16. Easily work with multiple document scanners.

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