FixPic Download

You can download the latest or older versions of FixPic directly from this page.

Sometimes a new version breaks something and you need to roll back. Sometimes you just liked the old version more. Whatever the reason, if you want to use an older version you can also download it from here.


23 Jul 2017. This comes with FreeIn12, Improved Support and output and resizing options.

Free In 12 means the program automatically becomes Freeware, 12 months after it was built.

Improved Support means registering the program gives you access to all updates for the next 12 months.

The extra options allow you to save the changes to a new file and to scale it up or down for a given width or height (or both).


03 Dec 2016. A smaller install with all the features. It also supports free trials.


12 Apr 2015. Initial version.

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