Outlook 2003 Command Line Backup

With SaveMail you can backup your Outlook email from the command line (cmd prompt). It’s pretty easy really.

SaveMail allows you to specify all of its parameters on the command line. It works like this:

[path\]SaveMail (Email-Folder) (Output-Directory) /autorun

For example:

C> cd \Program Files\GssEziSoft\SaveMail Pro
C> SaveMail_pro.exe “\\Personal Folders\Inbox” C:\Temp\ /autorun

You can also create a shortcut on your desktop or have the Windows Scheduler run it automatically. See Help – The Command Line; or the “How to automatically save your mail” article.

SaveMail has been tested with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and may also work with later versions (e.g. Outlook 2007).

Read more about SaveMail.

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