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Do you need your pictures to be right?
Not “close”. Not “near enough”. Actually correct?

Opening pictures, opening an edit tool, selecting crop, dragging things around, clicking “crop”, cursing and clicking undo, cropping again, hitting save. It’s all so tedious and prone to error.

What if you could do all that without the fiddling, without the guess work and without settling for something you’re still not really happy with?

Wouldn’t that be quicker, easier, and better?

I got fed up with it all. What’s more, people know my document scanning software and wrote to me so I could get fed up with it all for them too! Well, I’ve had enough. I believe computers are supposed to be useful instead of a nuisance. I write software and I felt I’d had enough and it was time this got fixed. The “Crop” program is the result.

In line with my document scanning software, Crop is written to just do things.

You set it up and then just use it.

Simple. Fast. Flexible. Easy.

If you’re not a programmer, don’t get scared but here’s the program running:
Crop program

Non-programmers can run it as a tool with an icon on their desktop. If that’s you, you just double-click the icon. It’s still easy.

If you are a programmer and need something to insert into a program so you can trim pictures to a specific size, or to cut off the edges around pictures then this will do that for you. It’ll give the same results every time you run it. It’ll always trim that exact same amount and to that exact same size, every time.

Predictable. Reliable. No fiddling. Fast. Simple. Easy.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing. It’s free. Even if you use it commercially.

Can I Sell It?

Sure. I’ve changed my view on this. If you’re selling it as part of something else, or if you want to sell it directly to a customer, you’re welcome to do so.

If you sell it, please send me 10% of whatever you charge the customer. Any income I get from this makes it easier to produce more things like this.

1. How much you charge for it, if anything, is totally up to you. No conditions.
2. You don’t have to send me any of what you charge for installation and/or support.

Where Do I Get It?

Right here:


More Information

Read the frequently asked questions: FAQs.

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