Zero-Click Scanning Multiple Pages

I recently saw a post asking about Automatic Timed Scanning Software at

The question concerned zero-click scanning multiple pages. The idea was to just replace pages and have the computer scan the next.

It is actually a pretty good idea. The only “gotcha” is telling the computer to stop. Still, this is possible by terminating a looping program (press Ctrl-Break).

One of the people (scruss) answering suggested using CmdTwain with a time delay which was a pretty good answer. Here is how you could do this:

' Zero-click Scanning (after you run this)

NumPages = 10      ' scan upto 10 pages (you might not want this to be 1000)
TimePerScan = 5000 ' 5000 mS ie 5 seconds to change pages
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 
Set SH  = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

' outdir must end with a \
outdir=SH.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%USERPROFILE%") & "\My Documents\"
opts  ="/DPI=300 /JPG100"
prog  ="C:\Program Files\Gss Ezisoft\CmdTwain Free\CmdTwain.exe"

for page = 1 to NumPages

    ' Get a filename that doesn't already exist
    for i=1 to 10000
        fn="scan-" & right("0000" & i,4) & ".jpg"
        if not FSO.FileExists(outdir & fn) then exit for

   ' Quoting allows it to contain spaces
   SH.Run """" & prog & """ " & opts & " """ & outdir & fn & """",0,true

   ' Wait for next page
   WScript.Sleep TimePerScan


set SH  = nothing
set FSO = nothing


Save the above in scan10.vbs on your desktop then:
– Load the first page,
– Be ready to load the next nine pages, and
– Double-click the desktop icon.

Feel free to edit the NumPages and TimePerScan to suit your preferences.
The pages end up in “My Documents”.

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