Using a Batch File to Pick the TWAIN Source

Here is a simple way to pick the TWAIN source device. It uses a four line batch file.


The Batch File

The batch file actually calls a DLL to bring up the “Select Source” dialog box. You do have to have a copy of CmdTwain as it has the DLL you need.

@echo on
Title TwainSelect
cd "C:\Program Files\GssEziSoft\CmdTwain"
RunDLL32 EZTW32.DLL,TWAIN_SelectImageSource

Feel free to set “@echo off” if you use it in a production environment.

Of course, if you already have CmdTwain 1.01 or later, you can just use “CmdTwain /SOURCE” instead of calling the Dynamic Link Library directly. The “/SOURCE” option wasn’t available in earlier versions.

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