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  1. Hi Sir, Is there any option to Scan to Clipboard and also Save to PDF..??
    Awaiting you kind reply

    1. There isn’t a built in way to scan to PDF yet but others have been using the following to get the same result:

      Again, there isn’t a scan to clipboard option either. No-one else has asked about that one but it sounds like a good idea so I’ll consider adding that in a later version. The only way to achieve what you need at the moment would be to open the JPG in Paint, Select All, Copy (and then paste it wherever you want). It is a manual process which will work for some situations but it isn’t practical if you are trying to automate something.

  2. Can we expect Linux or Mac version of this product? I am working on an open source product which runs on Windows/Mac/Linux and hoping to use this product.

    1. Probably not. Sorry.

      I do have a Linux machine to develop on and CmdTwain does compile using GCC so that isn’t a far stretch to do. I don’t have a Mac so I couldn’t do that version for you.

      My understanding is that document scanning for Linux is all solved. I thought SANE is what they use in that environment rather than TWAIN and that there are lots of programs that you could “shell out” to to do that for you. If not and people need something, get back to me. I’m willing to fill gaps (but would be surprised that there’d be one for Linux).

      For your open source project, I expect you’ll have to deal with differences in the OSes anyway. You could run different programs to scan docs for the different OSes. You’d just need a standard script and set of arguments that then runs the appropriate program (and args) for the relevant OS. I’m happy for CmdTwain to be one of the programs for you.

      Contact me if you have any problems. I wish you success with your project.

    1. Yes. Sorry. It was included in the download in earlier versions. I’ve updated the text above to only refer to the online help. I’ve also updated the online help page to mention that you need to click the image on the title page to get to the content. I hope that makes it a lot easier.

  3. hi
    im using kodak i1190 scanner. and i ‘m using your cmdtwain with my .net program.
    my scanner scanning 2 side of paper. how can i scan only 1 side. can you write command prompt pls.
    thanks for cmdtwain.:)

    1. The “dpx” command turns duplex off (0) or on (1). The following should turn duplex off and give you a single sided scan.
      C:\>cmdtwain -c "dpx 0" jpg 1side.jpg

  4. Hi Sir

    thanks For posting such useful tool

    I tried it , the file scaned and saved but an error message say couldn’t scan image. appears

    Any idea how to diable this message


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