SaveMail FAQs

What Does It Do?

SaveMail saves your emails where you want and how you want.

What is the Free Edition?

The Free Edition is free and without nags (though it does have an Upgrade menu option). It saves your email but doesn’t contain the options available in the Pro version.

What is the Pro Version?

The Pro version is for advanced users that require greater flexibility in how they save their email. It can be trialled for free for 30 days. Have a look.

What Does the Pro Version Cost?

The program is only $24.95 USD so if you do find it useful, it isn’t hard to keep using it beyond the 30 day trial.

How Do I Buy It?

Run the Pro version of the program. Click “Register” then “Buy”.

What If I Have Problems With It?

Check SaveMail News which lists updates, tips and issues. You can also contact us – we like to help.

Does it Work with Thunderbird Email?

SaveMail only supports email in Microsoft Outlook.

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