Portable Email

One of the most frustrating things about email is “you can’t take it with you”.

Oh, yes, you can import it into your new computer. In some cases you can save it, convert it, and load it into another email program. But it is all very messy and sometimes the email programs just won’t allow you to transfer email between them. Ever been stuck with two (or more) email programs because you can’t get messages from the old system into the new one? I have.

And what is with all of the different email formats? How are you supposed to read your email if you don’t have that program on that computer?

Saving your email in a standard format such as text or HTML allows you to read it anywhere. You can take it with you. You don’t need a huge email program. You can use Notepad or a browser. You can read it on a Mac or on a Linux machine.

SaveMail can now save email as plain text files. If the email was in HTML format, it can save it as a HTML file.

You CAN have your email and read it too.

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