CmdTwain 1.05 Released

CmdTwain 1.05 is for those of you using the scanner button.

Windows adds a couple of parameters to the command line if you run a scanner through registry settings and pressing the scanner’s “Scan” button. These seem to be “/StiDevice:{…}\0000” and “/StiEvent:{…}” with the “…” being unique id strings (uppercase hex digits with a ‘-‘ every now and then).

This version of CmdTwain looks for any parameters that start with “/sti” and ignores them.

Earlier versions popped up a usage message because of the unrecognized parameters.

2 thoughts on “CmdTwain 1.05 Released”

  1. Hello! Thank you for CmdTwain. I looking function for scan from automatic document feeder in CmdTwain, but i think that no such function. ))) May be later?

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