CmdTwain 2.01

Okay. CmdTwain version 2 is now done and available. Just download it through the normal link on the product page.

What’s changed?

There’s a few extra niceties. You can now adjust brightness (/S BR value) and adjust contrast too (/S CO value). Normal is a value of 0 for both. You can tweak up (as far as 1000) or down (to -1000).

I’ve also enabled the multi page feature by default. It always had the ability to scan multiple pages but I’ve never been able to test it (no document feeder). I’ve now added the necessary code to save each page. If it works for you, great.

I hope you like it. I’ve tried hard not to break any existing features but let me know if there are any problems.

2 thoughts on “CmdTwain 2.01”

    1. Sure. There are a number of different types of users for document scanning.

      Most people are reasonably looked after by what’s available “out of the box”. It’s fiddly and time consuming and every scanner is different but most users are used to all the messing around.

      The second type are programmers writing software that just want to scan pages in to their application. They want to just run something and have all that part done. They have other parts to code and it would be nice if they didn’t have to burn time on this bit. CmdTwain is really for them. I *think* most of my users fit into this second category.

      That said, I know I hate having to adjust a stack of settings when I use a scanner so there is a lot to be said for having a scanner application where you can just click something and it scans. I’ve tried to include shortcuts and a desktop icon that’ll do that.

      My solution to date for GUI users that would like a simple GUI to set options but have the power of the command line for things like CmdTwain is GuiCmd. You double-click GuiCmd and then type “scan (filename)” and add any options you like (or add these into the GuiCmd configuration eg scancheck (filename) to run CmdTwain at 300 DPI with a standard size for checks and automatically store them in a specific directory with a date and time stamp)

      The idea of just doing a GUI window with dropdowns for settings and which runs CmdTwain does keep crossing my mind. Perhaps that should be the next project ….

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