CmdTwain 2.03 even runs on Windows XP

A new version of CmdTwain has been released. This one rolls back the move to Visual Studio 2013 so that those of you still using Windows XP can also still use CmdTwain. CmdTwain 2.03 has some new features too – but its main focus is on working with all of your existing installations.

It was a wrong choice to move to VS 2013 and I had no idea of the trouble it would cause some users. I sincerely apologize to all those affected. It seemed sensible to update the compiler at the time but I had no idea that it would produce programs that weren’t backwardly compatible.

What’s Great About CmdTwain 2.03?

  • works on WinXP (and AFAIK everything since).
  • improved CmdTwain-Gui. The main change here is that you can change where it expects CmdTwain.exe to be. You always should have been able to do that but, in 2.02, it used to save the original setting over the top of any changes you made.
  • more and better scanner settings. This includes GAMMA, AUTOBR(ightness), BPP (bits per pixel), FILM and NEG(atives).
  • better behaviour if your scanner isn’t connected. (With CmdTwain 2.03, it no longer tries to scan after telling you it isn’t connected).
  • everything else you already had.

It should directly plug in to any existing programs or installations but, as always, take a backup first.

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