CmdTwain FAQs

Does It Work With Windows?

Of course. Click the shortcut on the desktop and start scanning.

Is It Really Free?

Yes. You don’t have to buy it. You don’t have to enter an unlock code. It doesn’t stop working after 30 days. It doesn’t pop up advertisements. And it doesn’t scribble anything over your scans.

Can I Sell It?

If you like. I won’t say "no" if you donate some of the proceeds to me for more software development.

Can I Give It Away?


Can I Include It With A Saleable Product?


Will It Work For Me?

Probably. As with all software, you need to determine its suitability for your purpose. I can’t guarantee it will do exactly what you want and/or that it will work for everyone. I wish I could but life’s not like that. If you have trouble with the program you can always email me. Maybe I can get you going. Maybe I can change something to add a feature.

It Scans from the Wrong Device!

I first heard of this from someone who was getting lovely photos of his increasingly frustrated face from his webcam. CmdTwain uses the current default TWAIN device. In his case, that was his webcam.

He solved that by using the excellent IrfanView program and using "File" / "Select TWAIN source".

If you don’t have IrfanView you can use with the current version of CmdTwain. Extract TwainSelect.bat and use that to choose your scanner.

If you have an older version of CmdTwain, or if you installed it somewhere other than "C:FilesEziSoftFree", you will need to modify TwainSelect.bat to match your location.

Does it run on Windows 8?

Probably. I’m running it on Windows 8.1.

You used to be able to unzip CmdTwain and just copy it into a directory. I’m not sure you can still do that these days. Some people have reported that they needed to run the installer to make it work properly. If it isn’t working, try using the installer. It shouldn’t be that fussy but probably the DLLs need to be registered with Windows.

Does it support Automatic Document Feeders?

Yes. You may need to add one or more of the /ADF /AS /AF options (see the help).

Does it do PDFs?

As of version 2.11, yes.

How do I get Paper Size to work?

If the usual options aren’t working for you, see the paper size article.

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