Remove HTML Comments

This one’s real simple. It doesn’t have FAQs or Help pages. It doesn’t even have a built in Usage message. It just does a specific task.

You can use it if you like.

All it does is strip HTML comments from a file. It modifies the file you give it so, if you want to keep the original, make a copy first.

It doesn’t beautify. It doesn’t minimize. It just pulls out the comments. As you can probably tell, it was written for one simple specific purpose.

HTML comments start with “<!–” and end with “–>”. They don’t “nest”. The program ignores everything from the start marker to the first end marker it sees after that (because they don’t nest). It then repeats the process for the rest of the file: copying or ignoring. You end up with a HTML file without comments. If there is a new line character before or after the comment then that remains. Nothing fancy. It just removes HTML comments.

If it had a Usage message, it would look like this:

rm_comment file [file ...]

You can download it from

I’d suggest putting it in %USERPROFILE%\bin and adding that directory to your PATH (see windows-command-line-programs-and-the-path-setting) but you can put it anywhere that works for you. It doesn’t have an installer. It doesn’t have any DLLs. It doesn’t use or need the registry. It just runs.

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