Get a List of Files into Excel or Word

Ever had the boss ask for a list of files in a nice table? Ever thought that a list of files would look good that way? It used to be surprisingly hard to do.

A List of Files the Hard Way

Most people realize pretty fast that they have to open Windows Explorer and start writing down file names. It is tedious. It is frustrating. There are better things you could be doing.
The odds of making a mistake are already high. Add boring to the mix and a nice idea becomes something that requires a lot of care.

A List of Files the Easy Way

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click a few things and get the list of files? It would take a lot less time and require a lot less focus. What’s more, the list of files would be flawless – after all, the computer already knows all the file names. Shouldn’t it be able to do this? Well finally, it can.

Here’s what it looks like:

Step 1 – Install and run FSTool (Yes, but it’s free for 30 days).
A list of files
(Pick a directory with the […] button then click [Search].)

Step 2 – File / Output to Excel
A list of files in Excel
Excel opens all by itself and the information just appears in it.
You could save the spreadsheet now if this is what you are after.

Step 3 – (Optional: Copy and Paste into Word)
A list of files in Word
I’ve added a heading row (Bold, 25% shading) and borders, and the text at the top.
Total time was three minutes.

I’ve had to do this sort of thing too many times now. I hate simple things being difficult so finally I got fed up with it and taught the computer to do it. That’s where FSTool comes from.

You can use my solution.

  • Save your valuable time.
  • Do a nice list of files with almost no effort.
  • Impress the boss.
  • Get back to things that matter more.

Lots of people like my list of files software, “FSTool”. One said, “The program is up and running perfectly. Thank you once again for the support and great software” – M.K, USA. Others showered it with awards.

Given the amount of time and effort it saves, the nice comments are hardly surprising. When you add that it is only $US 10.00, the nice comments are pretty inevitable.

I know the price is too low. Yes, it should be more. I will eventually give in to the pressure and put the price up; but for now, it is only $US 10.00.

What if You also Need Other File Details?

That’s all there too: the file size, when it was created, when it was modified, plus more. You can see that in the screenshots above. It is just as easy to copy and paste that information too.

Will it Work for You?

Probably. As you can see, it is very straight forward. It works for me and has for other people too.

However, the best way to find out if this is “it”, is to just download the program and try it. It is free to use for 30 days. There is nothing disabled in it. You can try every feature.
There is no payment up front. You don’t need to cancel anything. There is no commitment. You only pay for it if you like it and want to keep using it. That’s even better than a money back guarantee.

Okay. How do You Get it?

That’s also real easy – visit the FSTool product page; or just click the download button:

You really don’t want to have to do the next list of files by hand again.

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